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Jessica Helen is an award-winning wedding singer who has captured the hearts of audiences with her soulful voice and captivating performances. Encouraged at a young age by her Parents and Grandparents, Jessica knew from an early age that singing was her true passion.

With years of training and dedication to her craft, Jessica has honed her skills as a singer and performer, making her one of the most sought-after wedding singers in the industry. Her ability to connect with her audience and create an intimate and emotional atmosphere has earned her a loyal following and numerous accolades.

Jessica's repertoire includes a wide variety of genres, from classic ballads to contemporary hits, ensuring that every couple can find the perfect soundtrack for their special day. She takes pride in working closely with each couple to create a personalized playlist that reflects their unique style and preferences.

Jessica's talent has been recognised with several awards, including Wedding Singer of the Year and Best Female Vocalist. Her performances have been praised for their authenticity, passion, and professionalism.

Beyond her successful career as a wedding singer, Jessica is also planning her own wedding so understands just how important live entertainment is for an event . In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, spin classes, and boxing as well as spending time with her dog Jack who is featured on her social media pages.


With her natural talent and dedication to her craft, Jessica Helen is truly a shining star in the world of wedding music, and works to encourage others within the industry.


Here are the reasons why hiring a wedding singer is so important:


1. Creating a Romantic Atmosphere


A wedding singer can help create a romantic atmosphere that is unparalleled. They can sing beautiful love songs while you walk down the aisle, during the ceremony, and at the reception. The right songs and the right voice can make all the difference in setting the mood for your big day.


2. Adding a personal touch


Having live music at your wedding adds a personal touch that pre-recorded music can't match. A talented wedding singer can work with you to create a playlist that is perfect for you and your partner. They can also create a customized song for you, which will make your wedding unique and unforgettable.


3. Set the Tone for Your Reception


The reception is where your guests will let loose and have fun. Hiring a wedding singer ensures you'll have the perfect musical entertainment to keep the party going. A professional singer knows how to read the room and play music that will keep everyone entertained and on the dance floor.


4. Creating Lasting Memories


When choosing a wedding singer, it's essential to pick someone who is experienced and can perform flawlessly under pressure. A great wedding singer can turn your wedding reception into a party, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

My packages start from as little at £200, for a quote please send me a message via the contact page with your event details including location, date and timings and budget if your know this and I can come back to you with the correct pricing.

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